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We are a costarican
custom made software development team

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Our values

The most important thing to us

Here at Ciris we are all friends and team players. We like what we do and we are very proud of going over and beyond with our work. Developing software is our passion. That's why we expect the same thing of anyone that joins our workforce. Like we say at the office: "We are all 'geeks' here!"


Most of the work done on Ciris, is a team work. We firmly believe that in order to achieve success in what we do, we have to work together, as a team headed towards a single goal.


The power of investigation and learning are some of the things we most value at Ciris. We believe every person should constantly aspire to learn and achieve more everyday.


We dont believe the end justifies the means. We expect everyone at Ciris to simply do the right thing.


  • Of one's self
  • Of the company
  • Of the world


Foto Pablo Peraza

Pablo Peraza Vargas


Foto Allan Porras

Allan Porras Aguilar

Specialist consultant

Foto Rodrigo París

Rodrigo París Pagés

Mobile app developer

Foto Fabio Flores

Fabio Flores Manrique

Javascript developer

About Ciris

We firmly believe in quality and dedication. We are hard at work to ensure that our services are always top tier, we are always innovating with our customers and we are constantly improving our practices.


To help companies grow technologically, adopt new and better technolgies and practices.


Make business grow with world class software.