Who we are and what we do

Interesting stuff about Ciris

Welcome to Ciris Informatic Solutions.

We are a passionate team of engineers who enjoy developing software that will be of great value to your organization, all this while we research and learn new technologies and working methods without neglecting to do our work with utmost dedication and quality possible.

We do not believe that building quality software is a casual process nor do we believe that software development is a purely mechanical process, where developers follow a series of plans to complete the work.

We always work in the architecture and engineering of our systems, constantly improving our processes and enforcing worldwide best practices to ensure we build the software we're all looking for.

At Ciris we are confident that you, as our customer, are the most important player of the team. Without you, your ideas and your feedback, we cannot achieve the best possible software.

Our Values

The most important thing for us


A job well done at Ciris is a team effort. We believe that in order to succeed in what we do, we must work together as a team aligned towards a common goal.


We do not believe that the end justifies the means. We expect that everyone in Ciris simply do the right thing.

Our members are first

Simply put, if the people working here are doing well, our customers too will do well.


The power of research and learning are the things we value most in Ciris. We believe that everyone must constantly aspire to learn something new every day.



Of the company.

Of the world.


We hope people enjoy themselves when they work here at Ciris.

Our history

Join us on this journey through time

  • 2011 - Foundation

    Paserina Ciris Bird
  • 2011 - First cloud service

  • 2012 - First export to US

    Costa Rica/USA Map
  • 2013 - PYME Recognition

    PYME registrada
  • 2015 - Odoo Commercialization

    Odoo Commercialization
  • 2015 - MongoDB Partners

    MongoDB Partners

Problems we tackle

New Projects

If you have a new business idea, a new way of doing something old or a new need for your organization, we can help you find options to liven up your project.

Product development

The development process of software products is a complex one. We believe in the concepts related to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to ensure the success of your ideas.

Extend your team

Outsourcing is a great way to give value to your customers by adding more resources with specific expertise without having to pay for recruitment, selection and training.

Quality assurance

Anyone can make software, but few can do it well enough. Well done software creates satisfied customers and a successful company image. We have developed a quality control process that we include in all our projects. We also provide our clients with advice on Quality assurance.