Custom Software Development

We create solutions that generate value

When should I consider a custom application development?

Sometimes organizations have very particular processes and that makes it impossible to find out of the box solutions that fit your requirements. Also, sometimes it makes more sense to develop a custom application than paying for expensive and complex software licenses. Ciris is a tech partner with whom you can establish a long term relationship that allows you to develop your innovative ideas and thus generate value to your customers.


Our work areas

Enterprise application development

We have skills and expertise that allow us to overcome any level of complexity. We have experience in different industries and different areas of work. However, the expert industry expert in your business is you. The challenge of solving complex technological problems is for us.

Web application development

We create custom web applications, exploiting the best of modern technologies to create robust, secure and scalable solutions. We adhere to programming standards and submit our code to a quality control process.

Mobile Application Development

We can help you expand your sales, your customer management and your marketing efforts through the development of mobile applications on the most popular platforms (Android and iOS). We are able to make solutions that will make your customers feel like they're "using magic".


Our goal is that you have solutions that generate value to your organization. But we also care that the development process is transparent to you and above all, you feel good working with us. So we offer:

True Value

  • Total visibility of project progress
  • Advice on requirements
  • Free Licensing


  • True engineering software development process
  • Quality assurance
  • Continuous Integration

For the future

  • Solutions with long service life
  • Self-documenting code
  • Lastest Technologies
  • Open-source solutions

How to start generating value for your business?

How do we do it?

This is our development process

The development process involves a series of steps needed to ensure that the software fully meets your needs. A good development process not only dictates the tasks, but to helps you have full visibility on progress and to always know the status of the project.

Initial Research

Agile Development

Product Deploy

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Communication is the key

You are the expert in your business, we're experts in software development. The first thing we do is listen and understand your needs to see if we can provide solutions. If we see that we can work together, then we will prepare a proposal. The proposals are a high-level description of the project accompanied by an estimate of time and cost.


Before starting your project, we help you design and plan your software product. We are interested in a solution that has maximum value and minimize spending. Once we understand your application, we begin to define the main features and refine the initial estimate.


We communicate in your language. So first thing you do before coding is to create visual concepts (mockups) to jointly reach an agreement on how the application should work and look. Feedback is most important to us!

Software Development

Once you have approved the mockups, we begin coding. Our development process creates documented solutions that follow a coding standard, compatible with other applications, with the ability to scale, layered and capacity of being reused. Within a couple of weeks you'll be able to use several features of your application. Since you're the expert and the client, we make you an integral part of the development process. We schedule meetings and feedback at least every two weeks. We submit our development to strict automatic and human quality assurance. We provide you full progress visibility and budget management.


We work together with you to find the best choice for hosting your application and ensuring its continuity. We're so confident on what we do that know we will develop a long-term relationship. We design products that require little maintenance, so you'll see us as your partner for extending your software's capabilities. We give you all you need to eliminate vendor lock-in!

Technology Providers

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